Project description
CoachScore is an academic research project by ┼×irag Erkol and Filippo Radicchi.
What is CoachScore?
CoachScore uses publicly available data on soccer and basketball to generate weighted and directed networks between coaches of professional clubs using their head-to-head matches. PageRank is used to measure the performances of coaches. For technical details, see our paper Who is the best coach of all time? A network-based assessment of the career performance of professional sports coaches in Journal of Complex Networks or on arXiv.
Soccer: We use game results from the top 5 soccer leagues in Europe: English Premier League, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, and Spanish La Liga. The first season included in our dataset is 1970/71 for the English Premier League, 1980/81 for the French Ligue 1, 1963/64 for the German Bundesliga, 1960/61 for the Italian Serie A and the Spanish La Liga. We also consider a combined dataset composed of all games of the above national leagues plus games played in the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Conference League, UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, and the UEFA Super Cup among teams from those five top leagues. The first season covered by the combined dataset is 1980/81. In all the datasets, the last season covered is 2023/24 (the last season covered in the paper is 2019/20).

Basketball: We use NBA game results since season 1946/47. Additional games from the ABA are included between the 1967/68 and 1975/76 seasons. The last season covered for NBA is 2023/24 (the last season covered in the paper is 2019/20).
CoachScore provides rankings for soccer and basketball coaches. Rankings are customizable based on user selection, e.g., leagues and time windows. For each coach in the database (e.g., Pep Guardiola), we display their career trajectory in terms of cumulative CoachScore, season CoachScore, and dynamic CoachScore. Please note that soccer coaches are ranked on the basis of the combined dataset only. CoachScore is powered by Django, and the visualizations are created using Google Charts.
For more information about CoachScore, you can contact us at